John Anthony Sahs has 20+ years in the automotive industry as a car designer.  The last 8 years has been in team management and project leadership.  John have had the great opportunity to work with some of the best designers around the world in major OEM's such as Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design of Japan, Mercedes Benz Advanced Design Stuttgart, and as well Nissan Global Design, Atsugi, Japan.  His experience ranges from Advanced Design to Final Production in both exterior and interior. He has worked on several iconic projects such as,  the Mercedes-Benz Maybach Show car interior that had debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1997.  He also designed the Nissan GT-R Concept car interior for the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show.  His second show car with Nissan Exploratory group was the SERENITY show car in 2003 where he led the exterior development.  In 2005 He was the team leader/exterior designer of the 3rd Generation Nissan Cube that was sold globally around the world.  John followed up with designing the interior of the DENKI-CUBE that had debuted at the New York Motor Show in 2008.  He was also instrumental in the advanced development of the 2nd Generation Nissan Rogue in 2010-2011.  He then left Nissan to start up his own design consultancy service and as well joined a small start up company called SIM-Drive under the leadership of Prof Hiroshi Shimizu,  He came on board as their Chief Designer to develop the company 2nd prototype #002 aka SIM-WIL until March of 2012.

After finishing SIM-WIL, John decided to return to California after spending almost 20 years in Japan.  He felt with all the experience and knowledge he had obtained, it was the right moment to return to his home state to begin his new journey as a Designer/Creator/Team Leader.

He is currently the Senior Creative Interior Design Manager at Nissan Design America, overlooking both Nissan and Infiniti interior design developments in North America.  His most recent accomplishment was leading the interior design team that developed the all new 2016 TITAN truck.  He had also led the team that had won the "People's Choice " award in the 2014 LA Design Challenge and as well was the Project Lead Designer of the Nissan Resonance show car that had won the "Eyes on Design" for best Concept Car at the 2013 North American International Auto Show.

John also keeps a strong connection with Design Schools across the United States. He has also taught at Art Center College of Design as a guest lecturer and continues to nurture and guide the next generation of car designers.

photo by Laurent Nivalle